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with Hyundai Tucson


are the most beautiful in the summer

Tre Cime, Seceda, Gardena Pass are just a few of destinations in the Dolomites which were always on our mind. When first we started exploring beautiful destinations in the Dolomites, we did so from the comfort of our home, admiring the majestic beauty photographers brought us via Instagram. We both visited these mountains before in our ski racing days, but we always got to know just one side of them – the winter side, the perfect slopes, races, comfort, nice sunrises over the slopes, but Dolomites are actually a summer paradise with lots of amazing places to visit, which are even more accessible in the summer. We choose month of June for our pre-summer weekend getaway. And with that one step, the journey has begun...

Gardena Pass
Alta Badia
Misurina Lake
Hyundai Tucson

About Hyundai Tucson

Need a hand? When you traveling and packing things in and out from the car, you really can't imagine how handy can intuitive hands-free smart tailgate opening system can be. It works at your convenience in proximity of the smart key.  Driving a Hyundai over Dolomites passes really is a joy. Seats are a bit higher than in other cars, it remains strong on a road, bold and sporty. We can confirm that fusion of innovation gives you just enough comfort to feel safe wherever you choose to drive.

There is another very useful function which we frequently used, since it was already summer – front seats ventilation, with which even leather seats are no longer a problem. And to be sure not to miss all the beauty while crossing the high mountain passes, huge open roof system is very advantageous. That proved just perfect for summer rides via Val Gardena pass. Overall, the newest model is a huge step forward as far as design goes, its distinctive features and bold athletic appeal naturally fuses function, stability and sophistication.

Gardena Pass

The most scenic road

This road is spectacular. We didn't have enough time for cycling there, but it remains on the list. This time we tested it and it has a lot to offer. It can easily be said that this is one of the most scenic roads, friendly for any driver, motorcyclist or cyclist. In summer, all kinds of drivers converge to this road with the same goal – to conquer it with a smile on their face. Halfway through the ascent, you are rewarded with first of many spectacular views, which open wide across valley below.


At the top, there is one of the points to get your hiking gear out of the car, if you are not with the bike. Many paths traverse the peaks to discover this area. But we continued our drive towards Ortisei, from where we hiked towards Seceda mountain.


& Sella Ronda

panoramic view

It is enough to just breathe here. The heart is happy, the view is fantastic, the area will amaze you! When stepping off of the gondola, an indescribable beauty embraces you, this is the feeling for which you went for. In Dolomites you seek for uniqueness, beauty, calm and happiness.

Mountains surround you and you wish for a gift of flight to be able to reach all the peaks and enjoy all the scenic views from each side. What we liked the most about the Dolomites was the easy access to all the points with beautiful views. From top station of the gondola you can walk in and around this beautiful and scenic area for days. Or just enjoy lunch or mountain bike ride towards the valley.

We arrived quite late, because it took us approximetely 2 hours from Dobbiaco to Ortisei, the drive was worth the time, because of all the beautiful places you pass: Brunico, Alta Badia, Corvara, Val Gardena, Ortisei. If you want to visit mt. Seceda in summer, we recommend taking a gondola from Ortisei, and there is also one towards Col Raiser, but to reach Seceda you have a longer path to walk as that station is much lower than the station of the gondola to mt. Seceda.

The area is especially beautiful early in the mornings, around the sunrise or later in the evening to enjoy the sunset. To do either, you have to camp somewhere on the mountain or sleep in one of few Riffugios. The last ride with the gondola to the valley is as early as at 17:30.

We regretted not being able to spend the whole day there, because there are so many inviting paths to choose from. This is definitely one of the places you will want to keep returning to.

Tre Cime di Lavaredo

Unesco World Herritage

First day of our weekend getaway we cycled from Dobbiaco to Lago di Braies, and then we checked in to the hotel and went back to Braies to catch the sunset. The second day we made a trip to Seceda via Val Gardena, so we decided that, among all the beautiful locations, we want to see Tre Cime the most.

But because we wanted to see as much as possible, and since we had such a great ride, we took the road via Cortina D'Ampezzo towards lake Misurina and then from the lake to Riffugio Auronzo, a starting point to access one of the most famous peaks in Dolomites. Let us mention that the air on Lago di Misurina clean enough that place is also suggested as a loaction for people who suffer from asthma.

The path we took from riffugio di Auronzo towards the Tre Cime area is much easier than we imagined. There is really nice and relaxing walk all the way around the spectacular three peaks. It is always good to know some common knowledge, Tre Cime today lie on the border between the Italian provinces of South Tyrol and Belluno and still are a part of the linguistic boundary between German-speaking and Italian-speaking majorities. Peaks are laso the symbol of the South Tyrol - Alto Adige area.

»The characteristic rock of the Dolomites consists of fossilised coral reefs formed during the Triassic Period (around 250 million years ago) by organisms and sedimentary matter at the bottom of the ancient tropical Tethys Ocean. The Alps arose as a result of the collision of the African and European tectonic plates, forcing the rocks at the point of impact to soar skyward. The western part of the Tethys Ocean which formerly divided these two continents disappeared. The Dolomites became mountains.« as we read on


The area is huge, and three peaks are gigantic, so the sense of time is easily lost as you continue to walk towards or around them. You get the feeling you can already touch their rocks but in reality the time has passed by and a small stretch of the path still lies in front of you. Anyway to get that perfect shot you need to walk for about 30 minutes from one side, and hope you have enough time left – one day is not quite enough to explore the area. All that greatness of the mountains that appears to me at your fingertips is alluring, so try to keep a track on time to enjoy as much of it as possible. Our trip ended on the point seen from the photo below. We ran out of time to see the two lakes. As we mentioned, the area is deceiving. You may think you are close, but the paths are long.

The most scenic lake in the Dolomites

This is the summer hot spot of Dolomites. When we arrived on Friday afteroon turists were everywhere. The majority were on the boats, and many were just sitting around the lake and enjoying the nature.  In such scenario was a bit difficult to make a great photo ;)

The colour of the lake was emerald green, you would jump in, but in June the water was still a bit too cold for swimming. Off-course there is always someone, that despite the cold water, swims even that early in the summer.

Firstly we came with the road bike, so we didn't have the choice to make a walk around the lake, and decided to return later for a sunset. The decision was the right one to make. When we return to the place, the boat house were already closed, there were just few people  - or better said photographers – hunting for that perfect shot. At first you have that feeling, that Lago di Braies is just the lake, with the boat house on it, but then you walk the lake and you realise that this place is the most beautiful place ever seen. We had luck to catch the perfect day, the water glaze was still as ice and majestic mountains had their sunset sunbath with perfect reflections on to the glaze. With such conditions, on every 100 meters around the lake you could make perfect photo with different motive of the lake. It was a really good day to visit Lago di Braies!


We chose JOAS Nature Hotel for our place to stay. New B&B hotel, opened in 2016 offered us a truly amazing and relaxing experience. They awake all our senses and the environment calms us down and gently spoils us after the active days spent in the nature. Let us show you why ...