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Bikini hotel - Design hotels


"Life is better in Bikini"

From the moment we've found this hotel on Instagram, we knew we will visit this place as soon as possible. A half year later in the early spring we've arrived at Bikini and realised we could never decide better. We've followed social channels and all happenings there but we've got so much more when we arrived here.

Bikini is also one of the newest hotels became a part of Design Hotels concept. As creative souls, we were inspired by the feeling & ideas regarding the interior. This hotel was renewed in cooperation with the German agency Dreimeta and we really need to point out they did an amazing job. Each detail takes a part and tells a bit of the story of the vibe we've read on their web page before our arrival.

What makes the bigger difference during holidays are also people you meet on your journey. And we both agree we met some nice and kindest people here. The service was beyond the ordinary hotel experience - it feels you came to visit your friends.

Terrace on

a sunny day

details make the place special in so many ways

for nature lovers

each corner is just a perfect spot 

to relax

main pool

visible from all the rooms


by the pool

- serves best ice cream and snacks

and we simply loved the name - 

"If you are going to Bikini, make sure

you wear some flowers in your hair"

chill out area - 

The room was fully equipped with high

tech design accessories, which you will love but we won't tell you all... some things you need to find out here and be impressed like we were. 

Wouf - a Barcelona bag brand

- totally felt in love with - 

Bikini hotel

should be your next direction

Donkey bar

Like it was said on their website and it is so true - you will sense the colorful spirit of the Californian hippie-movement everywhere. The sun shines in any way.

To tell you a bit more about Donkey bar we will just borrow the text from their website as we could never say it better:  "The bar concept was developed by Joerg Meyer, mastermind of Le Lion Bar, Hamburg, and inventor of the legendary Gin Basil Smash. Give his incredible cocktails a try (or two) and enjoy the homemade oriental lemonades created by NENI. All meals and drinks are being served to you on a beautiful terrace overlooking the Bay of Port de Sóller on low seatings and community tables."

view from here

is just priceless

Chill out & food

Someone should come to Bikini because of the food. The place takes you to the next level - there are the best tastes, the place, the experience,... it is easy to connect all senses and exclude everyday matters. 


The breakfast was something special. There was the view that just 

paralyse you and time stops. Our usual breakfast is never longer than 40 minutes, at Bikini we've took time to enjoyed it from 8 - 10.30 a.m. It was breakfast and brunch at once. What else do you need for the holidays?

view from here is just priceless

Because of this view our we enjoyed

the whole period of breakfast from 8 - 10.30 a.m.


breakfast  selection

breakfast specialities



Breakfast bar

The best place to hang out with friends

or meet the new ones

- Pikkini bar -

All this design books

just made my afternoons.

So no worries if there is rainy day outside