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 - Lanzarote -

Some places in the World are special

It is hard to describe feelings while walking the landscape of Timanfaya National park -  the land of volcanoes or as they say  Montanyas de Fuego. Actually, you cannot walk freely around the park. It is possible to book a hike for "The Routes de Volcanoes", which usually needs to be booked for one month in advance.


Other option to see the landscape is to take a bus tour among the volcanoes. The bus only stops in a few places and it is not allowed to get off. But the landscape is nothing you can possibly imagine. A visit to the Timanfaya National Park is a must for every visitor at Lanzarote.

Landing on the Moon

The spectacular volcanic landscape, that covers a quarter of the island, was created over six years of near-continuous volcanic eruptions that took place between 1730 and 1736, with a smaller episode in 1824. The scale of the eruptions was enormous, with an estimated 2,000,000,000nm3 of lava spewed out from more than 100 volcanoes onto previously-fertile land and villages, as well as reclaiming some new land from the sea. Although the majority of the eruptions took place nearly 300 years ago, Lanzarote’s dry climate means that the Volcanic landscape is relatively unchanged since that time.

Though there were no recorded deaths attributed to the eruptions, it is estimated that more than 44% of the island’s population emigrated during those years, and there are many accounts of livestock being killed by poisonous gases. Yaiza’s parish priest left a written account describing the destruction of villages, terrifying earthquakes, mountains rising up overnight, explosions and raining hot ash. When the eruption finally ended, much of Lanzarote’s most arable land was lost forever under a thick crust of basalt, though in La Geria, the locals soon invented a new form of agriculture, by digging pits in the volcanic ash, allowing vine roots to reach the fertile soil buried underneath.

*text from their official webpage

what we loved:


Caldera Blanca 

Despite the Timanfaya Volcano Park it is possible to hike the highest Volcano peak in Lanzarote. No entry fee is needed to hike all the way to the top. It takes you 55 min of walking through the lava fields. In the beginning, there is 30 min of walking the flat path across the lava fields. Just dried, black lava stone. Like a lava desert, we would say.


Reaching the bottom side of Volcano slopes, you need then 20 - 25 min of a bit steeper hike to reach the top. And then it is just an amazing feeling of seeing and feeling the power of Volcano crater. Despite the warm weather, it was very windy on the top. But somehow all the way we walked this landscape, only one thought was on our mind - how was back then when this eruption happened. Photos tell more.