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 - C. Manrique, Lanzarote -

The volcano landscape was

an inspiration for Cesar.

The house is built within the lava bubble 

A unique world of Cesar Manrique

As the landscape of Lanzarote island is unique thanks to Volcano eruptions, Cesar Manrique just added some more uniqueness to this Island. His house is built inside the bubble of lava. He took the advantage of already made place inside the landscape and created a unique atmosphere with adding plants, white color, and blue water into the dark volcano landscape.

Lanzarote once was an Island known after camels. Cesar Manrique was born in Lanzarote and he loved hos home Island, despite many traveling he did. When we returned to Lanzarote he had a vision, that it shouldn't be known only as an island with camels. 

His unique architecture projects soon become well-known attractions. At the same time, he set an architectural codex, that all houses on the Island should have white facade and blue windows shutters and roads should be like carpets laying on the Lanzarote landscape. He made this Island a really unique place to visit. And we found it as an amazing vision because this vision really made the Island unique and a real visual attraction. 


Volcano landscape was

an inspiration for Ceasar  Marique house

 Cesar Manrique attended the University of La Laguna

 to study architecture, but after two years he quit his studies.

'The details are not the details,

they make the design'

Manrique returned to Lanzarote in 1966.

His legacy on the island includes the art,

culture and tourism center.



 Jameos del Agua 

Volcano House, Taro de Tahiche ;

Restaurant at the restored Castillo de San José 

Visitors center at the Timanfaya National Park

Palm Grove House at Haria 

Mirador del Rio 

and the Jardin de Cactus at Guatiza.