Life2follow is a project with a pure goal - to explore concepts of well-being and share it with you. We carefully select and study our trips which connects nature, activity and unique places with sustainable and environmentally friendly aspects.

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 - Rovinj -

          Design is the experience.

Connected with nature on the best possible way is the first association that comes to our mind when mentioning design hotel Lone.


A perfect place for a relaxing getaway, even just for a weekend, one could feel reconnected with nature again.



                              Spa zone

The atmosphere in the Spa area reminds us of a beautiful Japanese concept of letting nature into the interior. 


The relaxing area is spacious and bright, thanks to the big windows. Outside gardens are like an extension of the space. The area with saunas and massage pool is withdrawn into the inner side of the interior and illuminated with the soft colorful light concept. 


There is also a big inner swimming pool also surrounded by big windows, to give you a nice feeling of swimming outside even in the winter time. The whole area is based on a Jing and Jang concept. Darkroom vs. bright room, warm interior during the winter and cold but beautiful outside. 





"Sometimes you just

need to disconnect"