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Residenzhotel Hirben

 - Eco nature hotel in Villabassa -

The luxury of taking time

It is hard to find places where time stops for a while and you are able to rest yourself from all the daily routines, stress and noises that keep your mind moving all the time. But there are places that give you exactly what you need at the very moment. The Residenzhotel Hirben got us at the moment we've browsed their website. We've read about a promise on their pages to find the calm we were looking for and their words from the website fulfilled all our expectations.

Recently I've read the book »Minimalism« which teaches the strategy of minimalistic living and there was a section on how smaller cities/villages have a better affection on your well-being in sense of not having all the stores, restaurants, bars and entertainment just around the corner. Your mind is all the sudden not occupied with what you need to do next anymore and you gain some time for your self. 

When you look for a calm, relaxing and stressless place, Residenzehotel Hirben is at the best location. It lies in a cozy small south-tyrolean village named Villabassa. Located in the village center, near the forest, Residenzhotel Hirben is like an oasis. But on the other hand, it is in the heart of all the winter activities' venues we love doing during our winter vacations. It is an ecological hotel that respects the natural environment and makes a contribution in terms of sustainability, which is something most important for us. 

Alpine Suite

I Residenzhotel HIrben tehy live sustainability inside and outside. The hotel building is made out of high-quality wood. The hotel building is basically made from 3 types of locally sourced wood and they mostly use only natural materials for furnishing, therefore the hotel has a »CasaClima« certificate with class A energy rating. Our Alpine Suite apartment was mostly furnished from massive wood. The luxury apartment suite gives you a cozy and warm feeling thanks to wooden furnishing. 


We liked how was flooring of the room planned out. In Alpine Suite, you get a king bed, 2 walk-in closets by each side of the bed. There is also a middle size kitchenette with all you need to cook your favorite meals for breakfast, lunch or dinner. In the bathroom, Eco certificated shower gel awaits you.


Not to forget to mention the private terrace with views towards the near forest and the outdoor pool. We've had a week of almost perfect weather conditions. Sunshine gently waked up us every morning and the scene how the mist from the hot pool was rising up was just one of the most relaxing and calming scenes you could observe by sipping a cup of your favourite coffee.

"Time is all we have"

A good or bad day is
your morning decision.
   Breakfast at Hirben with
 local delicacies

  All products are locally sourced

or homemade baked.

All apartments have
a kitchenette so it is
also possible to have 
breakfast in the room.

Spoil yourself. Make it your own.

Smile is a part of well-being

From a really comfortable apartment, the hotel has overall a beautifully calm and gentle vibe. Aside of the building, modern interior design and the biggest spa in the area, there are also the hotel staff that upgrade the whole experience. The hotel owners Barbara and Fabian were just perfect hosts, always ready to give you a smile. A hotel has a boutique vibe, but they have even bigger plans for the future. Therefore more comfort and modern interior design is coming.


By the end of the week spent at Residenzhotel Hirben, we felt all the benefits of the new luxury of being more time offline. Due to comfort the hotel concept offers, it is quite possible to do nothing at all and enjoy the time you have or to be active during the day and spoil yourself in wellness in the evenings.

A night of good sleep is guaranteed! And to point out, Villabassa lies at hot-spot for all well known locations like Kronplatz, 3 Zinnen Ski resort, Dobbiaco Nordic arena, Anterselva, Val Casies, ...  

You will find what to do around here in our next post!

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