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Inturotel Cala Esmeralda


Inturotel is committed

to sustainability

Hotel interior

inspired by 70's

Cherish the moments

For our spring getaway, we've planned to explore the Island of Mallorca. We've decided to split our trip into two parts. We spent one week in the south part of the Island and another week in the northern part of the island. 

Our pick for the first week was a hotel in Cala d'Or, for which we think it is a perfect tourist resort and it combines perfectly the leisure and activity. As mention before in our blogs, Cala d'Or is a larger resort with a vivid "city center" with some nice restaurants and also it is a great starting point as many emblematic unspoiled beaches are very close by. It is an pure Mediterranean experience.

So why we've decided for the Inturotel Cala Esmeralda hotel, you would probably ask? During our first trip to Mallorca, we were exploring Cala d'Or resort and we spotted this perfect location which had it all. A private beach just across the street, a hotel is a bit hidden from the center of Cala d'Or but still very close to still walk the area. And then there was a beautiful interior style which we felt in love with. Clean but modern design with the twist. A nice mix of Mediterranean and Scandinavian style. 




hotel has 3 pool areas

this one is chill-out pool surrounded

with a design environment

Each floor has 

some super designed corners

to relax and read

"Wherever you go, go with all your heart"

So by now you've already got the point how our decisions are made regarding the hotels: they are about the location, interior, and experience we get via their channels. We usually take time and carefully select our destinations and accommodations.

We were very happy with our selection. Inturotel fulfilled our expectations in many ways. We really enjoyed the ground plan of the hotel. Guest have lots of chances to find their very own private spot inside the hotel. 

We've loved the landscape architecture of the hotel - many trees, cactuses, banana palms, ... are part of the floor plans which enhance Mediterranean vibe in every corner of the hotel. Inturotel Cala Esmeralda hotel is also an "adult-only" hotel, maybe you will find this as an advantage too. 

There is a wide selection of tasty food for each meal. We've had breakfast and dinner for a whole week. For breakfast, you can choose from local delicacies, lots of fresh food, sweet corner, a wide range of oats and a cold and warm bar of typical breakfast dishes. There is also a wide range of dishes for dinner from cold starters to a variety of main dishes for all tastes - seafood, meat, vegetarian-friendly selection, Spanish food, ... You definitely won't be hungry during the stay here. It's really delicious with tons of variety.




Interior details

from the room

Stylish outdoor


Beautifully composed scenes

in the floors.

We loved the details in the room

from switches for lights to tiles on the floor

"If we slown down everything lasts longer"

Paulo Coelho

Xeriscaping: This landscaping is mainly carried out using Mediterranean and indigenous species which require little water, saving this resource which is so limited on the island.

Cala Esmeralda

is a beach just infront of the hotel

Crystal clear water

it felt like in the dreams