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Joas Nature Hotel


Experience to evoke

your senses

The Dolomites recently became our favorite destination for the summer and winter vacation. South Tyrol is truly amazing and offers you hundreds of options for activities. Picturesque area enchanted us. There is no chance you get short of ideas what to visit, each time you come back here in each period, this place is simply special.

Why? Because »Lago di Braies« shows all the glory during the walk around the lake (you can not walk around the lake in winter period, when the area is under the snow). Three Peaks leaves you breathless by their greatness. Lake Misurina is the most beautiful early in the morning or late in the evening when peaks around it turn reddish. Dobbiaco – San Candido all the way to Brunico offers you a cycling paradise – along the valley you can find many roads just for bikers. You can also use train, if you need to shorten your route. And not to mention mountain bike trails, they are everywhere and the scenes of the trails are super beautiful.

This time we only had a weekend getaway (3 days), therefore it was much too short to enjoy all the beauty offered by the this area. Firstly because of our place to stay - JOAS Nature Hotel, already offered us a truly amazing and relaxing experience. They awake all our senses and the environment calms us down and gently spoils us after the active days spent in the nature. Let us show you why ...

Just the fines ingredients

for breakfast..

Breakfast is the meal we both love the most and it is also the meal after which we judge the place. The experience already started at 6:30 am. We had a room just above the breakfast lounge, which was obviously the best position – we woke up because of the gently smell of freshly baked bread – imagine that smell from the bakery comes into your room? Priceless. That was just a perfect start of the day.

By entering the breakfast area you walk into another story of the hotel. By design and experience, you enter into the traditional part of their philosophy. That beautiful, warm smell of freshly prepared goodies waits for you by the door and bread is served inside the special area. There were freshly baked white bread, full corn rolls,… and as we're told, all were delivered fresh from the local bakery  - yummy!

The interior of the place is comfortable, boutique designed and really homey. Because of the summer, we took a table outside on the terrace, where nature embraced us from each side. The area is really calm and quiet, so you can really enjoy your food in pure nature.

What we loved the most: there was a selection of high-quality organic teas, which would impress the connoisseurs. Coffee as long as you are in Italy is perfect. Fresh espresso was just delicious. There were one of the best homemade juices we have tried  - we both loved fresh grapefruit juice. Local cheeses were awesome. There is also a corner of wholefood cereals, fruits, …


The most important thing is that all the foods are carefully selected, what you can really say by tasting each piece you try. Everything is freshly prepared and the emphasis is on organic selection. This is what we really appreciate and the experience in this small hotel can easily compare to those we had in well-known design hotels around the globe (for example in Lone, Rovinj, Croatia).


you get fresh - yet warm bread

It is our true passion to find some local gems – places to stay which can offer you more than you expect. They have that special story, they are local but well designed. They put a lot of care for nature and that special little thing that by the end of the day is that crucial difference. All that JOAS has.


For example, a shower gel here in JOAS is a special selected one, it is made from Fairtrade ingredients. Little something but the smell of it and the texture of a shower gel was amazing. Another detail is found inside a relax zone's bag –  the flip-flops for entering the zone are made from palm tree leaves - also from Fairtrade chain. Waw! To get this in the middle of Dolomites, just impressive. 

We really enjoyed the whole experience of the room. As you can see from the photos, the balcony is really huge, you have two entries to it, which gives the room a really spacious feeling and a lot of natural light. The bed is positioned in front of the balcony window and the view is towards mountain peaks, so you can enjoy sunrise & sunset moments directly from the bed! In case you wonder which room we had – it was number 116.

You can also cook a coffee or something not too complicated to eat in the room. The kitchenette is fully equipped, clean and comfortable.



Because we love design

Roof top spa

We really had very active days here in the Dolomites. Just after the breakfast, we've spent the whole day exploring the beautiful areas of Lago di Braies, San Candido - Sexten and Three Peaks natural park     (3 Cime di Lavaredo). So JOAS took care that our evenings were magical. On the top floor of the hotel tempting relaxing experience waiting for us each day. Their Spa is like a cherry on top of the cake. What an amazing vibe that area has! Despite the fact that it is summer time, we used both Finnish and Steam saunas and had a delicious cup of tea while cooling down on the sky terrace. Nothing can compare to that feeling!


We could easily imagine how this experience looks in the winter time! Finnish sauna offers you the same panoramic view as you have it on the sky terrace - towards the mountains peaks above San Candido. We guess it must be perfect in the winter time to enjoy a warm place after a day well spent on the skiing slopes just behind the hotel (Monte Elmo). The Spa area also offers a chill-out section with a smell of dry hay. If you are a yoga lover, Spa area is an amazing place to get your ritual done early in the morning or during the sunset. One word for this place - total relaxation which will evoke your senses.



What to do around here?

For a perfect weekend, this area brings you a full list of things you can do around here. In our three days of escape, we planned to visit our favorite places. Just from the hotel site, there is a bike trail all the way to Lago di Braies – one of the most beautiful lakes in the Dolomites area. The best time to visit the lake is early in the morning, or late in the evening. We arrived at 1 p.m. by bike. But because we wanted to walk around the lake, we returned later in the evening by car again to catch the amazing sunset. During the summer the place is a bit crowded. But hey, you can rent a boat and enjoy a day at the lake.

The second area for which you need a whole day or maybe two is an amazing hike from Riffugo Auronzo around the Three Peaks area (Tre Cime di Lavaredo). There is a nice wide trail with panoramic views on the surrounding mountains in the heart of regional symbol Three Peaks. The road will lead you from the famous »Lago di Misurina« towards the Riffugo Auronzo. For the last 12 km of the road plan to have 25 € for the fee of using the road in the heart of Three Peaks area.

This is just a few spots of many to visit here in the South Tirol / Alto Adige area. Nearby are also Cortina d'Ampezzo, Sexten, San Candido, etc. You can also take a gondola lift to the Mount Elmo (just behind the JOAS hotel) and enjoy your lunch with a wonderful view towards Sexten, Val Fiscalina, … Find more beautiful moments on the photos and on this link.