Life2follow is a project with a pure goal - to explore concepts of well-being and share it with you. We carefully select and study our trips which connects nature, activity and unique places with sustainable and environmentally friendly aspects.

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Residenzhotel Hirben

 - SPA -

Disconnect to detox your body

"Forget about your mobile phone. Free yourself from the urgent need to be online and accessible all day long. For once, rebel against the system and log out. The watchword is: Digital Detoxing. Real-life has nothing to do with the artificial world of the web. Wouldn't you like a taste of reality?"

These words are part of the Residenzhotel Hirben vision and we took them seriously. Therefore 1000m2 of wellness with 5 different saunas is waiting for you there and also 25m long outdoor pool with hot water for relaxing morning or evening swim on the fresh air. So a perfect polygon to practice a digital detox. 

From our experience, we've needed 3 days to adapt into the whole detoxing idea. Sometimes is not as easy as it seems, but they've made it easier for the guests. In the wellness area, there is no wifi, only a connection with yourself. 


The biggest


 - 25m - 

"This pool is like the sky,

which can create clouds."

Routines you fall in love with...

Each of us has created a ritual of calming the body and mind after an active days spent skiing or hiking. We've started our day with a swim in an outdoor pool. That was the best way to wake up the body as the morning air was pretty chilly but still feeling amazing as the water was hot. 


After our daily activities, we've especially loved hay and steam-bath sauna ritual.

Hay sauna has large windows and the best view towards their inner garden. The scent of hay inside the large wooden sauna is just a very calming experience which you would want to take home.

We've usually combined hay sauna experience with a steam-bath sauna, especially to keep the respiratory system healthy after breathing cold winter air during our daily activities. Also, regeneration of all the muscles in the body was improved, so we've stayed more fit during the whole week. 

Besides our favourite saunas, they also have one of the most spacious Finnish sauna, aromatherapy sauna, and infrared sauna. There is also a large chill-out area, where you can find just enough privacy to really relax from all that "no longer serves you" after a long day.

After one week we can really say we've had a superb holidays, after such you don't need another one to rest and build up your strengths. And that was one of the goals Residenzhotel Hirben strives to give their guests.





beautifully composed scenes

in the floors