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& Joas Natur Hotel

There is something special about this place. After a visit in spring, we returned in winter. Why?

The cross country trails seem never ending; we call them a cross country heaven. The ski slopes of 3 Peaks Dolomites Ski Resort, situated on the terrace, are always perfectly prepared and inviting. Breakfast consists of amazing delicacies served every morning, lovingly prepared from local ingredients. The whole experience is excellent, the hotel is immaculate. The attention to details is evident in the impressive spa, where body and mind truly find peace in the unspoiled nature protected by UNESCO. In the end, we could not help but to fall in love with the whole region; the nature, always there to nourish your soul and best hosting experience guaranteed by the owners.

Because they truly are what they strive to be. They say they are natural and they bring nature into the hotel rooms with wide balconies and terraces, to enhance the sensation of being in the nature. Their philosophy is to be individual – in a sense that they value an individual and tend to the customers’ wishes. In the morning, they serve the best breakfast in a very cosy and bright eating room. The owners are always friendly and make you feel like at home.


The many little details remind you that someone selected them very carefully for you, like the best fair trade shower gel in the room, or palm leaves slippers to enter the spa. The design of JOAS nature hotel, the edifice itself, complies with strict climate regulations imposed by the Climate House Agency: high quality organic materials were used to preserve the environment and at to be free of toxins, healthy at the same time. We really appreciate such fact when choosing a get away. Room, Spa, Lobby, still have that beautiful smell of wood. The wood used for construction of the nature hotel comes from forests belonging to JOAS owners and was processed locally. They stay true to their tradition, as is evident from details of hotel design, which is modern but true to the traditional architecture of the region.

One of the best bed views 

we've ever had

Delicious breakfast -

local delicacies

3 Peaks slopes...

In the last few years we didn't really ski a lot, but as we were passing the Monte Elmo, we saw a long, perfectly prepared slope that we just could not resist. Being also aware that said slope is part of Three Peaks Dolomites, UNESCO World Heritage, one can expect to be spoiled by impressive mountains of the Dolomites.

What we liked most was the fact that the ski slopes were not crowded. All are long but always perfectly prepared, even if they are a bit steep sometimes. During the winter, good snow conditions allow one to enjoy over 100 km of ski slopes which connect Monte Elmo, Orto del Toro, Croda Rossa, Baranci and the Comelico area. Ski pass also includes the lifts in Braies, in the Ski center Rienza Dobbiaco, in Waldheim, and on the Passo Monte Croce can also be used.

JOAS enjoys a perfect location. Our room boasted a direct view of the slope of Monte Elmo. The experience of this amazing view every morning was just breath-taking. The hotel really gives a perspective on the importance of the location. When going skiing, it is always about the location. It is so comfortable to just dress up in the hotel and put your skis on literally on the terrace of JOAS hotel. There is no need to drive towards ski slopes and losing time over searching for the parking spot. At JOAS, one is positioned on the slope (in case you wonder, they also have in-house ski instructor). The owner and his brother were also both professional skiers.

One of the most beautiful and scenic alpine huts and restaurants is waiting for you on the slopes. Actually, one can make a hut tour around the 3 Peaks Dolomites Ski Resort. We loved the Helm Restaurant which is only a cable car ride away from the JOAS hotel in the valley. A good idea is also to just take the cable car and have lunch on the top of Monte Elmo, enjoying the wonderfully scenic view.

Another amazing thing is to end the day as a last one on the slope and ski directly to the hotel. Just a bit later you can already enjoy the warm spa on a sky terrace. Priceless.

What we loved:

long sunny ski slopes


Cross country skiing - 

200 km of dreamy trails

And last, this region holds another gem  -  best cross country experience ever.  For us this one was just too good to be true. Almost 200 km of x-country trails were opened and prepared new each day. We cannot say which was our favorite but we were making about 20 - 30 km each day for a few days in a row.

The picturesque scenes imprinted on us forever while crossing the trails around here. Among the most beautiful, we have to count the trail leading from Sexten village center deep into the Fiscalina valley. We are talking about around 20 kilometers of a perfect scenery. Final destination is located in the heart of Three Peaks Dolomites area. Another amazing trail is the long path from JOAS hotel in Versciaco, through the main valley, passing San Candido, Dobbiaco and continuing towards Prags. This trail is mostly flat, but still boasts stunning views along the valley.

Of course Dobbiaco Nordic stadium, famous for World cup races, cannot be missed. From there one can take the 31 kilometers trail towards Cortina D'Ampezzo, but we finished at the UNESCO point, where the valley gives you a view towards the formation of 3 Cime Dolomites mountain in the distance ahead.

This time we could not run in Anterselva due to the Biathlon World cup weekend, but we did it in the last year and we have to say - it is a location worth visit.

We had many chances to find the best and the most perfect trail during the winter. To conclude, we will for sure keep coming back to this area and to JOAS hotel, because this place is magical and you cannot get enough of it…

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