Life2follow is a project with a pure goal - to explore concepts of well-being and share it with you. We carefully select and study our trips which connects nature, activity and unique places with sustainable and environmentally friendly aspects.

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 - Panoramic snowshoe hike -

with Residenzhotel Hirben

100 breaths of happiness

Sometimes it is not only the nature that brings you wellbeing, it is also to find that pristine connection with people.

During our stay in Residenz hotel Hirben, we decided to book a guided hike with Fabian, the owner of the hotel and a guide to your physical and also emotional wellbeing. We wanted to be taken to a new experience, so we choose a panoramic snowshoe hike together with a group of Residenzhotel Hirben guests. 

And the result was - we have expereinced the most beautiful panoramic hike and got new friends.

Sun was already up on the sky when we were setting our things into the van for a hiking trip. 

We begun from Pratto Pizza plateau. It was a perfect day, warm with clear blue sky above us and majestic mountains were embracing us.

Just such an amazing place to be. Along the way, we got to know a family secret. Up here some trees are growing and 

some parts can be used for something really delicious, but the secret can only be revealed if you take a hike with Fabian.



Our guide and an expert in advices about

trails and paths far from the masses.

The group.

3 Zinnen

The view from the top of the Strudelkopf mountain.


Go out of your comfort zone, and you will

realize there is so much more to discover.

It turned out that taking a new experience with Fabian was the best decision

that spiced up our holidays during this one week stay at the Residenzhotel Hirben

So make a mark. If you ever wonder to book some new activities with the locals always book them!

Besides the great activity, you will get new friends and a good laugh.  

Especially when you come to Residenzhotel Hirben, make sure 

you go for a trip with Fabian & Barbara and be sure some secret paths will be revealed to you.

View towards Croda Rossa mountain

Approaching the top, surrounded by a peaceful white nature.

Far from our usual activities.

Prato Piazza

Dreams for cross country lovers. 8 km of perfectly groomed trails.

Ole Einar Bjorndalen once trained here, due to high altitude

(2000 m) to improve his fitness.

Prato Piazza plateau

A starting point for hikes and one of the nicest cross country trail location.